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Milkfed Artists (MA) is a little bit more than your typical booking agency. With a wealth of experience in running and owning some of this countries more reputable clubbing and bar brands, we have a knack in matching your crowd + event needs with the right sound. Our DJ roster has been handpicked to a wide variety of musical needs.



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The Official Milkfed Record Label



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5 Bar Rescue

So you already run/own a venue – but to put it bluntly – it sucks. Honesty is the best policy. You don’t need us to tell you this, the proof is in the tills (or lack of).



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Promotions &

Here at Milkfed we don’t like to blow our own trumpet too hard, but from time to time it’s necessary to get the sweet sound of success out. Getting the message across is our fanciest forte. Branding and understanding youth culture has always been an integral part of our triumph in this industry.



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Creative +

To say our work is creative and provocative is an understatement. We work with some of Melbourne’s coolest cats. We can quote you for a single flyer, a website with whizz or a whole branding campaign…



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From a French fiesta for 500 on a giant floating crepe to an intimate beach wedding for twenty-five in Thailand – our vision is to create innovative experiences, polite enough to impress your mother, but with a wild side that certainly won’t leave you bored!




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