So you already run/own a venue – but to put it bluntly – it sucks. Honesty is the best policy. You don’t need us to tell you this, the proof is in the tills (or lack of).

All hope is not lost; you may just need some quick, inexpensive guidance? Then again the problem may be bigger – your suppliers have stopped supplying and your customers are long gone.

It may be a whole bunch of misfortune that has lead you to this moment – but stress less, we are experts in venue turn-around.
We call it Venue Rehab. Sometimes things just don’t work. Location, bad press, poor service, inferior product, ill-conceived marketing, staff theft and/or poor public perception – Lots of these little things lead to the inevitable closure of many venues, every day – its what you do now and how fast you do it that counts. If you’re experiencing a downturn in business or your pride and joy is on the rocks, you need some guidance from someone who’s expertise is venue re-development. Stand up, dust yourself down and drop us a line, we’re only too happy to offer you a commitment free assessment.

Email for a chat. I’ll put the kettle on.