Milkfed Agency     Lazwah Creative

To the wee world of music, most assume we merely own a few clubs, manage a few acts (15 and counting) and throw a wee party or two (Beyond the Valley was quite the party) but no siree!

What Milkfed are infact is a wild, magnificent and sensationally silly creative agency.

Yes we have our greedy tubby little fingers in lots of little pies but our real baby is creative, branding and marketing. From a sublime and effervescent re-brand of your current corporate ID to putting the defibrillator on standby as we reveal to you your spanking new website – our design and creative arm combines twenty years of success in boutique bars, clubs and the bits in between, with the gentle genius of one of the countries top creative designers – Lazwah Creative.

With over 100 clients to boot, our chief in the creative chair has a client list with more balls than Heidi Fleiss!

We think It’s love. Milkfed Agency + Lazwah Creative are now officially dating. Yes In the romantic way.

Watch our sex tape here