Tired of substandard client photos for your club night / event? – Milkfed have recruited a team of the best in town and put them through vigorous ‘happy snap’ training by industry pro of 10 years – James Newton.

All photos are screened and edited through our head office ‘pretty’ department before being sent to clients to ensure only the best results. As a multi-venue operator, we can safely say good venue photos are the NUMBER ONE marketing tool for the clubbing industry and the only real tool that drives customers to your websites, Facebook pages and other social media outlets. And who wants to see themselves standing in a badly lit club or event with a double chin, boob popping out or having the face of a zombie due to sub-standard photography? Meh.

We are not in the business of ugly ducklings – we just take bloody good photos, add a little retouching and voila! We’ll have your ‘B’ list crowd looking A list in no time!

We have the know how to make your customers look good and more importantly, your business.

Choosing a Milkfed photographer, be it for a weekly club night, One off event or something bigger – ensures you are buying our quality approval. We can even watermark your photos for extra promotion.

For more details, drop us a line