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Here at MILKFED we don’t like to blow our own trumpet too hard, but from time to time, its necessary to get the sweet sound of success out. Getting the message across is our fanciest forte. Branding and understanding youth culture has always been an integral part of our triumph in this industry.

How else do you convince 100+ people to permanently tattoo the name of a club on their bodies to pass the line? Or get twenty bartenders to wear a henna tattoo of a vodka brand on their wrists as part of their employment contract. We’re not all about tattoos, that was just one particular month. We call it the art of convincing – Selling yourself short is, for most bars and clubs, the reason for their downfall. For a venue to succeed, you need points of difference to hinge your marketing upon.

Marketing can cost you nothing if your product and the originality of it does the talking.

There was a time when putting a midget on the bar dressed as a banana would shock, we actually started this practice back in 2006, however the ‘FAIR GO MIDGETS SOCIETY of AUSTRALIA’ were quick to voice their disapproval… okay so they didn’t complain, but the point being you need to move with the times.


Let us give you something to market, then let us market it.




Have you a beverage product that you want to market differently? In the past ten years, MATT GILEShas worked closely with some of the World’s leading brands that occupy the shelves in every bar this side of the solar system, as well as brand owners + more to get their product to market in superlative style.
Some Past Clients

Cariell Vodka   Monin Syrups   Coca-Cola
Imagine Gin   Cinzanno Biano   Pure Energy
Seriously Vodka Belvedere   Wybrowa Vodka
Sydney Cider   Moet Hennessey   Dom Perignon


Take a dusty old book, cut out the inside to fit a hip flask. Make a Martini. Place the martini into a hip flask. Put the hip flask in the book hole. Close the book. Present the closed book to the patron with an empty glass. Let them pour it themselves. Sounds like innovative fun huh? It’s called the flask club. But this and similar gimmicks my dear, have been done to death.

Here at MILKFED, we live for these projects. Call us the bar fad kings or the boys with daft ideas – which ever way you look at it – we learnt how to run before we could walk. Whether it be a new and outrageous drinks list or a new direction with your profile, we work with the best craft bartenders out there. GIVE US A HOLLA. We’ll give you a nip of what’s hip!


Since we’re in the business of giving you DJs, we might as well give you a little guidance in selling them. With the 22 years of bars clubs, restaurants, hotels and fashion conscious product launches – we know how to sell sand!

MATT GILES for more info.


To say our work is creative and provocative is an understatement. We work with some of Melbourne’s coolest cats. We can quote you for a single flyer, a website with wizz or a whole branding campaign – send us a telegram via pigeon.
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