The Official Milkfed Record Label

There are people who’ll tell you that the record label is an antiquated idea, that pop and alternative culture’s near-wholesale migration into the digital realm has rendered it irrelevant, that any right-thinking artist should simply sell their music direct to consumers. These people are missing the point.

The role of a good record label isn’t just to deliver music to the public, though many bad ones do indeed believe that to be the extent of their duty. No, a good record label’s role is more important: it helps coax the best possible work out of an artist, and then endeavors to amplify that work’s appeal, provide a context for it, confer gravitas upon it, and promote it in whatever way it feels wise, respectful and effective. Whether you’re talking about an LP box set or a download-only single, things like cover art, titles and mastering matter today as much as they ever have – perhaps even more so, now that there’s so much music, so much media, vying for your attention. Aura is everything.

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